In Cannes but not on the Shortlist? Get in on the 2019 Cannes Shirtlist! It's like a bucketlist but without the existential crisis.

Or live vicariously through us and follow our Shirtlisters as they try their best to get through this ambitious list. If you'd like to help, drop us a line. We could definitely use a hand.

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    • Win a trip back to Cannes 2019

    • Eat beets with Dwight Schrute

    • Fly in a helicopter over the French Riviera

    • Drink a cocktail worth our rent

    • Wear a Canadian Tuxedo to the Award Show

    • Spark Joy with Marie Kondo

    • Represent our country in the Cannes Young Lions Comp

    • Get weird with Jeff Goldblum

    • Meet a real Sesame Street Muppet

    • Film a sequel music video on a luxury yacht

    • Crash a really swanky event

    • Kiss a Grand Prix Lion

    • Close a deal in Cannes

    • Start a conga line at the Gutter bar

    • Join a jury room

    • Beers with Jeff Beer (for real this time)

    • Share another legendary moment with an ad legend

    • Top 3 in the Young Lions Competition

    • DJ a beach party the Cannes Lions closing party

    • Make it back to Cannes 2020