We’re Michael and Patrick: a young creative team from Canada.

It’s our first time in Cannes, but we didn’t make it on any shortlist. So we made the Shirtlist – a bunch of ambitious challenges we aim to accomplish over the next few days at the festival.

Follow us as we do our best to do it all. If you want to help, drop us a line. We could definitely use a hand.

    • Win a trip to Cannes

    • Expense dinner at a Michelin restaurant

    • Get knighted by the Burger King

    • Chill in a French villa

    • Compare shoe sizes with Shaq

    • Film a music video in a luxury car

    • Fly in a helicopter over the French Riviera

    • Have Sir David Attenborough narrate my bio

    • Take stock photos on the Shutterstock yacht

    • Uncover the plot of Skittles’ exclusive Superbowl ad

    • Kiss a Grand Prix Titanium Lion

    • Crash a swanky party

    • Cliff jump at Hotel Du Cap

    • Share a legendary moment with an ad legend

    • Recreate the Titanic ‘flying’ scene on a yacht

    • Eat fried chicken with the Colonel(s)

    • Sample all the rosé in Cannes

    • Beta test Marcel

    • Beers with Jeff Beer

    • Start a dance party at the Gutter Bar

    • Judge international work

    • Make it into the Cannes Lions Daily News

    • Watch the sun rise on Cannes' closing day

    • Make it to Cannes 2019